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We are so excited you are here!

We are Leighann & Brian, a husband and wife duo!

We’re a New England-based photography and videography team. Stonington, CT is where we call home and each wedding season, we travel across all of Connecticut, New England,  and to our favorite places like Nantucket, Block Island, & beyond!

We are both storytellers by heart. It's the synchronicity of love and artistry and shared passion that effortlessly translates into timeless visuals, making your wedding day an experience where every frame is crafted with a touch of our own love story.

I am the lead photographer and I will be making sure all the little details are in place, while capturing the moments as your wedding day unfolds. I help guide portraits with prompts to capture the authenticity as your day unfolds and of who you are as a couple. Two of my favorite parts of the day are when it's just the two of you soaking it all in and the dance floor! I will cry during personal vows and parent dances but you will also find me breaking out dance moves, while capturing the party. 

Brian is the best hype crew to bring to your wedding. He wants to bring the fun and genuinely wants everyone to feel and have the best time throughout the day.  He is all about the moments and won't miss a beat when it comes to capturing those moments everyone might not see.  Brian is FAA certified to operate a drone so you will find him capturing those epic moments from up in the air. 


We both throughly enjoy watching each in every moment throughout your day. Most of the time we want to feel like we are just a fly on the wall or as if we were one of your friends laughing and crying with you and guiding you through the day as needed. 

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