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Hello! We are Leighann & Brian. 

I am the photographer of the team! 

I am Leighann, the photographer of the team. I specialize in Wedding and Portrait photography. I am based out of Southeastern CT.

If you were to ask any of my friends and family, they would tell you that if I am not spending my time knee deep in legos and coloring books, you will find me behind the lens. Even as a child, my camera went everywhere with me. At a moment’s notice, I was quickly snapping time with my family and friends. Friends and family took notice and started asking me to do their family and childrens’ portraits, and more special occasions followed. This hobby of mine evolved into the perfect career for me and our family!


In 2014, my husband and I took a leap of faith. I quit my full time job so that I was able to stay home with our two children.  Being a devoted wife and mom is the life I had always dreamed of for myself.  My time as a wife and mother has reinforced my desire to help capture the mile stones in clients’ lives and raw moments of their love story.


I have spent the past 6 years behind the lens, inviting my clients to help me allow them to relive their story through the gift of photography.


I am Brian, the Videographer of the team. I specialize in Wedding and Business videos based out of Southeastern, CT.

Life is all about moments. Moments that go by in the blink of an eye. Some moments are remembered and some are forgotten.  That is why I enjoy the filming process, to capture these moments to be seen again and again.

From a very young age I began my video passion with my friends. We created short films and began entering Film Competitions. My family and friends began to take notice of my creativity behind the lens and soon introduced me into wedding videography.


Telling a love story through filming allows my clients to remember those emotions and moments for the entirety of their life. Every couple has their own story and I enjoy creating a unique highlight of their wedding day show casing their love for each other on their special day.

Kuenn Videography also offers commercial work to help business owners share their brand with their customers. I provide commercial style highlights show casing their business and what they provide.

I love capturing all of life's special moments, which is why film has become my passion in life to share with everyone.

I am the videographer of the team! 

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