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Pick Me up & Fly me away...

Eleven-year-old me saw a handsome young man with a personality that was almost mysterious.

After years of growing up together I learned he was a man of few words. He whispered in my ear, "I have something to tell you, but I cant say it" then I knew. I whispered back, "its ok I love you too". 18 years later here I am, married to the man who made all my dreams come true. My family man, my husband, my best friend, and personal pilot.

Dear Max,

It’s not easy for me. In fact, it’s the hardest part of my days. Kissing you goodbye, knowing that it could be the last time I kiss you.

I wait, trying to occupy my mind. Waiting for you to call me and pray you landed safely. My heart fears when your thousands of feet above.

I’m looking up. Always looking up. Watching every plane fly by wondering if it could be yours. I wish you could take me with you because my heart longs to be by your side. I eagerly look forward to the days when you pick me up and fly me away.

Until then I’ll be here. Patiently waiting for you, supporting you, and loving you every step along the way. Fly high babe, I’ll see you when you get home.

Forever yours – Emily

Gowns: Melissa Ashley Bride, Westerly RI

Hair & Make up: Vanessa from Vanessa Villena Beauty Co., Groton CT

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