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Welcome Home USS Toledo I New London, CT

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

I love photographing couples, weddings, and families but there is something so special about capturing a homecoming. I do not get to do these often but when I get the chance I jump right on it. Thankfully, Sarah from Anchored Roots Photography called me and asked if I was able to associate shoot a homecoming for Mary & Dennis. The boats homecoming date was postponed twice and Sarah had a prior commitment to capture an Wedding Elopement on the date the boat officially came home. Homecomings can be so unpredictable and Sarah knew she had to get the date covered. I am so thankful I was available. Watching Mary Welcome her husband home after a long six and half months along with his family was so humbling. I am always so thankful for military service. While they are protecting our country their families are at home without them.

Thank you Sarah for having me step in and Mary for allowing me to capture such a emotional yet rewarding time for you. Here is just a sneak peek in USS Toledos Homecoming 2019.

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