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Jenna & Marks Greenhaven Marina Wedding

Just three weeks before Jenna & Mark exchanged their personal vows I met with them for the very first time. We met at the Marina where she laid out all her details and the vision she had for her wedding day. Jenna hand crafted her floral chandler and made all her custom decor with the help of her mother. Their ceremony and reception was held on her fathers property of the Greenhaven Marina located in Stonington, CT

Although she waited a long ten years for this year to come, her day finally arrived. As she watched her family and friends fill their ceremony seat she watched from the bay window above. Ceremony time was approaching and all she could do was sit there with her eye full of tears and say, "I cant believe its finally here, I have waited 10 years for this."

As her dad and her step father walked her down the isle tears began to fill the eyes of their loved ones. I will never forget the moment I laid eyes on Marks daughter, at only 13 years old she was filled with emotion. As she watched her soon to be step mother walk down the isle she couldn't hold her tears back. She gave an amazing maid of honor speech welcoming her new mother to the family. They spend the rest of the day as a family celebrating lots more then just a marriage. They were celebrating a new family.

Venue: Greenhaven Marina, Stonington, CT

Floral: McQuade's Marketplace

Cake: McQuade's Marketplace

Catering: McQuade's Marketplace

Video: Dana Willax

Second Photographer: Allie D.

Hair & Make-up: Lauren D.

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